According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a defect in some Ford Explorer SUVs could cause the vehicle to roll away while parked. As a result, Ford is recalling nearly a quarter million of the vehicles, most of which are 2020, 2021, and 2022 models.

What This Means for Ford Explorer Owners

The NHTSA reports that owners of affected vehicles will receive notices starting in June. If your vehicle is included in the recall, you can take it to a local dealership for the necessary repairs, free of charge.

However, although recalls like these are done to mitigate risks for car owners, many notices are released after these injuries have already happened. If you or your loved one was seriously hurt involving a vehicle that was recalled, getting repairs won’t solve the problem; you need help with the aftermath of your injuries.

The personal injury lawyers at Perez Law Group, PLLC can evaluate your case for free to determine if you can hold Ford or another party liable for your injuries. A recall notice being issued does not necessarily preclude you from taking legal action. Auto manufacturers can still be held responsible for the damage caused by defective parts.

What to Do if You Were Injured in a Ford Explorer Accident

Prompting the recall is a bolt in the rear axle, which can fracture and cause the driveshaft to disconnect, resulting in a rollaway vehicle. That faulty bolt is just one piece in a large vehicle, and you may not know initially that was the source of the accident. That’s okay—you can contact a product liability attorney at any time after an accident, even if you aren’t sure yet if a defective auto part caused your injuries.

You can come to us with your suspicions and receive more information about the recall, faulty parts, or personal injury cases in general, all without any commitment or hassle. We can consult automotive experts as part of our investigation into your case, as well as reconstruct the accident to understand what went wrong and why.

In fact, our team can:

  • Investigate the cause of your accident
  • Determine if you have a case against Ford or another party
  • Gather evidence of negligence and liability
  • Assign a value to your case to make sure you get proper damages
  • Negotiate with insurance or automotive company representatives
  • Prepare to file a lawsuit and litigate your case if necessary

Consumers should know their rights in the face of manufacturer negligence. Our firm is committed to helping victims like you know your options following an injury.

How the Perez Law Group, PLLC Can Help

Holding a car company negligent for a rollaway accident can feel daunting. Large manufacturers have teams of lawyers whose job is to avoid paying for injuries like yours. You deserve a team of your own.

Call Perez Law Group, PLLC today at (602) 730-7100 to set up a consultation about your serious injuries resulting from a defective motor vehicle.