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Injury cases involving buses aren’t just about holding a driver responsible for careless actions. You also must deal with private bus company owners, government entities, or product manufacturers. That’s on top of the typical challenges of working with insurers. None of that should be your job. Your job should be healing from your injuries. Untangling liability and seeking compensation is our job as your bus accident lawyers in Glendale.

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What Can a Bus Accident Attorney Do for You?

That’s our question for you—what can we do to help you? You can contact our personal injury lawyers if you want to know:

  • What happened to cause your bus accident
  • Who is responsible for paying damages
  • How to file an insurance claim or injury suit
  • How long you have to file in Arizona
  • What tactics insurers use
  • How to negotiate a fair settlement
  • What to say to an adjuster

In fact, for many of these, you don’t have to do anything to get answers other than put us on the case. We can investigate what happened, determine how much you deserve, file your paperwork, talk to adjusters, negotiate terms, and juggle all the daily tasks. With Perez Law Group, PLLC, you get a full-package firm ready to serve your needs.

What Are Common Damages for Glendale Bus Accidents?

Your possible compensation typically falls into four categories: medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, and wrongful death.

Medical and Recovery Expenses

These damages cover both medical treatment you’ve already paid for and healthcare costs you’ll face in the future as you live with your injuries:

  • Emergency care like ambulance rides, diagnostic imaging, and surgeries
  • Follow-up care like office visits, prescriptions, and care facility stays
  • Rehabilitation like physical therapy, mental health support, and medical equipment
  • Management costs like long-term medication, check-ups, and continuing therapy

Future losses are often left out of settlement offers, especially when you’re offered a settlement so quickly, you don’t even know what that future will look like. We consult your doctors as well as other authorities like rehabilitation specialists and financial experts to determine how your bus accident injuries will affect you long-term.

Income and Career Losses

Our Glendale, AZ bus accident attorneys consider all sources of revenue, even side hustles, monetized hobbies, or freelance work. You don’t have to work in a traditional field to receive lost income damages.

Additionally, these damages go beyond reimbursing missed income. If your injuries prevent you from working as much as you did before the bus crash, or force you to completely change careers, we can seek compensation to help with those transitions. Damages for reduced ability to earn and training in a new job are available.

Personal and Psychological Consequences

These noneconomic damages cover a number of intangible costs:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Disfigurement
  • Reduced enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium (companionship)

As you can guess, these damages are dictated by each person’s situation. You can count on our bus accident lawyers in Glendale to handle these types of compensation with delicacy, compassion, and understanding.

Fatal Bus Crashes

If you lost a loved one to a bus accident, our wrongful death attorneys can help you pursue any of the above damages on the behalf of your family member. In addition, we can seek special damages for funeral services and burial or cremation, as well as compensation that considers the loss of your loved one’s advice or support.

What Type of Bus Was Involved in Your Accident?

Buses are owned by either private companies or government entities. The type of bus that hit you dictates your case. You may have different deadlines, requirements, and options depending on if you were hit by a public bus or a private one. At Perez Law Group, PLLC, we can help you navigate either one.

Private Buses

Personal injury cases against private bus companies are like ones against other drivers—you file an insurance claim and, if necessary, a lawsuit. Private bus cases involve:

  • Greyhound buses
  • Church buses
  • Private school buses
  • Hotel shuttles
  • Airport shuttles
  • Rental car shuttles
  • Party buses
  • Tour buses

Negligence by the driver—driving while impaired or drowsy, speeding, tailgating—doesn’t just leave the driver liable. The company that employed the driver is also responsible in many cases. Just as the driver has a duty of care to operate the bus safely, the bus company has a duty of care to hire and train drivers. When bus drivers are negligent, companies often share responsibility.

Sometimes, bus drivers are contractors instead of employees, which can make it harder to pursue the bus company for negligence. In that case, you can still seek damages from the driver. Our Glendale bus accident lawyers can help you hold the correct party accountable.

Public Buses

In contrast to private bus accident cases, ones involving public buses require filing a claim against a government entity, such as the City of Glendale. Buses in this category include city buses and public school buses.

In public bus cases, you must file a notice of your claim within 180 days of the accident (A.R.S. § 12-821.01). Government entities are also well prepared to fight claims and suits like this, so you can find yourself up against a strong opponent.

Our public bus accident attorneys know the laws and requirements for cases against government entities, including strategies to employ and pitfalls to avoid.

Other Options

Although you may have been injured by a bus, the bus driver or company may not have caused the accident. Alternatively, they may not have been the only cause, with other negligent parties contributing.

To ensure we have covered all your options for compensation, we can investigate:

  • Another driver for negligence while driving
  • Product manufacturers for defective auto parts
  • Designers for bus or car design flaws
  • Auto shops for poor parts installation or maintenance

Bus Passenger Accidents

You may have been riding in a bus when it got into an accident. Bus passenger accidents can have some of the same culprits as passenger vehicle accidents, like negligence by the bus driver, the bus owner, another driver, or a product manufacturer. Our investigators can analyze and recreate the crash to determine whose actions caused your injuries.

Our Bus Injury Lawyers Can Answer Your Questions Now

With Perez Law Group, PLLC, you gain a team that prioritizes clarity. We answer your questions in understandable terms, make sure you always know how your case is progressing, and remain upfront with you about our plans. You don’t have to wonder what happens next—call us at (602) 730-7100 or +1 (888) 59-PEREZ to start making a game plan today.