If you’ve recently been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you likely exchanged insurance information with other motorists involved in the crash. You may be wondering if you should call your insurance company or their insurance company first. Thankfully, there is a “best way forward” here that can help ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you’re rightfully entitled: Call a lawyer first. Experienced Arizona car accident attorneys at Perez Law Group are here for you.

“Wait,” you may be thinking. “I’m not even sure that I want to sue anybody.” That’s okay. You don’t need to be committed to the idea of filing a lawsuit to seek legal guidance. The primary purpose of calling an attorney before speaking with any insurance company representatives is to safeguard your rights, options, and interest in pursuing compensation in the wake of a crash.

Insurance Companies Aren’t In the Business To Serve You

Arizona law requires that insurance providers conduct business in “good faith.” Essentially, this means that they aren’t permitted to engage in devious, unreasonably slow, or otherwise unethical business practices. However, many insurance companies – like corporations in a variety of industries – institute policies and encourage behaviors that walk a very fine line when it comes to the mandate to conduct business in good faith.

Most insurance companies are for-profit enterprises.  The insurance industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry.  Their goal is to keep their profits up and to keep their investors/shareholders, happy.  As a result, their employees are trained to make decisions that protect the company’s bottom line.  Insurance companies care about keeping their money, not about helping you.

Did you know that insurance companies generally incentivize their employees to encourage their teams to settle their potential claims for less – to minimize the company’s exposure? Insurance claims adjusters are not paid to represent the interests of claimants – they are paid to safeguard the interests of their employers.

Why Not Call An Insurance Company First?

Because insurance companies are primarily concerned with safeguarding their profits, their employees are trained to do what they can to devalue or reject insurance claims. As a result, when an insurance claims adjuster speaks with you, they’ll be phrasing things in ways that are designed to minimize the value of your claim. They might try to get you to subtly admit partial blame for your crash or might undermine the severity of your injuries.

By connecting with a lawyer before accepting or initiating any insurance-related calls, you’ll benefit from insightful and skilled advocacy. A lawyer can speak with insurance claims adjusters on your behalf and advocate aggressively in favor of your interests. Sometimes, the simple fact that you’re represented by an Arizona car accident lawyer will make an insurance claims adjuster “fall in line” so that you get paid what you’re owed. If you’re not represented by a lawyer, it is much more likely that you’ll be subtly taken advantage of and that you won’t be awarded as much compensation as you’re entitled to.

Keep in mind that you are not under any obligation to speak with an insurance claims adjuster when they call, nor should you sign any paperwork you’re sent before it has been reviewed by your lawyer. As an accident injury victim, you have rights. Don’t be afraid to exercise them. It can make all the difference.

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