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Assumptions. Money concerns. Downplaying injuries. These are reasons often cited for not seeking legal help after an auto accident. Don’t decide you have no case before you’ve considered your options. You could qualify for damages to help with bills, income losses, and personal struggles. Our car accident lawyers serve Peoria, AZ crash victims in your situation. We won’t allow you or the other party to underestimate what your case is worth.

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Car Crash Damages and How We Pursue Them

If you were hurt, your case could include compensation for any of the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and mental health resources
  • Past and future lost income
  • Reduced earning ability
  • Pain and suffering and inconvenience
  • Reduced quality of life

These damages are potentially available for a wide range of injuries and accidents, from whiplash to catastrophic injuries. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute (III) puts the average bodily injury claim  at over $15,000. If you were hospitalized or have a long road to recovery, your expenses could extend well beyond that amount, outstripping insurance policy limits.

In addition, adjusters tend toward conservative settlement offers, banking on you accepting a lower amount. Our car accident attorneys on your Peoria case look beyond the initial bills and consider your losses in a broader context.

We Tie Real Damages to Your Real Suffering

Many adjusters and lawyers simply bypass certain areas of damages when offering a settlement, but we present proof of what you lost in all areas.

For example, if you suffered a spinal cord injury, the other side may consider your medical costs and some lost income but neglect ancillary consequences. The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC) estimates that indirect costs average over $82,000 a year. An estimated 30 percent of spinal cord injury victims also face additional hospitalizations every year for secondary conditions. In cases like these, we consider all of these supplementary losses.

We can even collect evidence to support personal consequences like pain and suffering. Testimony from employers, friends, family, and experts can illustrate your new limitations when it comes to work and hobbies. Prescriptions and mental health expenses can point to your struggle with chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. In other words, you may not have direct bills for reduced quality of life, but we can present a case for it through various forms of evidence.

Why the Car Accident Lawyers at Perez Law Group, PLLC?

We are a boutique law firm, which allows us to focus on specialized areas like personal injury. What that means for you is we are experienced in car accident claims and suits, having handled cases just like yours. At the same time, our personal injury lawyers are hands-on, so you interact directly with our team.

We Help Make Sense of Insurance Claims

Sometimes it feels like the claims process is deliberately arcane. In some ways, that’s true. Insurance adjusters don’t want to make it easy to access benefits, since that cuts into their company’s bottom line.  Some even act in bad faith, such as by unfairly denying a claim or forcing you to jump through hoops in the hope you’ll give up.

Our Peoria car accident lawyers are familiar with the tricks of the trade. After all, we speak the same legal language. We can explain the nuances of policy terms, identify potential traps designed to lower your settlement, and determine when to take legal action.

We File Personal Injury Lawsuits

There is no straightforward line that indicates when to file a lawsuit. The impetus can vary, such as if:

  • The driver was uninsured or underinsured
  • The accident involved multiple parties
  • Insurers refuse to acknowledge the severity of your injuries
  • An insurance company acted in bad faith
  • Parties can’t agree on who is responsible
  • Negotiations have stalled

Our litigation experience provides us with insight into the timing of a lawsuit filing. We might advocate for filing immediately or hold off to provide more time to negotiate. Even with a lawsuit filing, many cases settle before going to trial.

In other words, filing a personal injury lawsuit is not the finish line for a case, but a step toward resolution. We are willing to take that step with you and pursue your suit all the way to a trial. In the meantime, we file the paperwork, represent you in negotiations, collect evidence, and even pursue suits against multiple parties.

We Manage Your Case

One of the biggest burdens of a claim or suit is the day-to-day toil—calls, paperwork, requests, deadlines. When you hire us, you can leave those chores to our Peoria car accident lawyers.

What we do for your case includes:

  • Responding to insurers and attorneys
  • Investigating and collecting evidence
  • Finding compensable losses
  • Interviewing witnesses and experts
  • Filling out paperwork
  • Keeping track of deadlines

Yet we know that just taking away the daily work isn’t all it takes to restore your peace of mine. To that end, what we do for you includes:

  • Updating you regularly
  • Clarifying legal language
  • Remaining accessible
  • Checking on your well-being
  • Assisting in Español

Our Auto Accident Lawyers Apply Experience with AZ Laws

We don’t want you to miss out on opportunities for compensation because you didn’t know about them. Our firm works to ensure you are up to speed on how Arizona’s laws apply to your case, including the statute of limitations.

Generally, you have two years to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit following a car accident, according to A.R.S. § 12-542. However, we use the term “generally” for a reason—not all cases fit into this timeline. If your case was a hit-and-run, involved a minor, or caused capacitating injuries, you may have a different deadline for filing.

Our lawyers can also identify factors in your Peoria, AZ car accident that affect how we proceed with your case. For example, if your crash was caused by a defective auto part like a tire or brakes, we might need to pursue a product liability suit. Some car accidents even leave government entities or property owners liable. Those cases may require different approaches, and our Arizona auto accident attorneys can adapt to them.

Our Attorneys Promise Compassion for Car Collision Victims

At Perez Law Group, PLLC, our car accident lawyers serve Peoria, AZ victims with respect. You will never feel alone or undervalued with us. We are committed to pursuing accurate damages and acknowledgement of what you have been through. Call us today at (602) 730-7100 or (888) 59-PEREZ to tell us your story.