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As a suburb of Phoenix, you might expect quieter, less busy streets in Goodyear. Unfortunately, you can encounter reckless drivers anywhere. If you were hurt in this part of the Valley, our Goodyear, AZ car accident lawyers can represent you. We have recovered six- and seven-figure settlements and verdicts for our clients, all without losing what makes us a boutique firm. Our motor vehicle collision attorneys fight for every case as if it’s our only one.

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Our Auto Accident Attorneys Consider All the Angles

The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that the average bodily injury claim is over $15,000. However, insurance adjusters often aim low with settlement offers, neglecting long-term car accident losses. They might compensate you for the emergency room visit, diagnostic imaging, and surgery, but what about physical therapy, mental health resources, and chronic pain management?

Considering these additional losses is a big part of our job. With Perez Law Group, PLLC, you gain a team of legal minds who work to recognize any opportunities that could expand your possible damages.

This means working closely with you. We don’t just look at your case and see numbers and facts. We see a person who was unfairly injured on the road in Goodyear and is now struggling to put their life back together. Our goal is to make liable parties see the same thing.

What Comprehensive Compensation Looks Like

When reviewing any settlement offers, we always look for damages that cover your:

  • Hospital bills
  • Office visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Medication
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

An insurance adjuster can try to shortchange even these areas. For instance, if you suffered whiplash, insurers may not offer pain and suffering damages, despite information from BMC Public Health showing that victims can have a lower quality of life for years after the injury. We can resist attempts like this to devalue your experience.

In addition, we also pursue:

  • Long-term rehabilitation costs like regular therapies, continuing prescriptions, and necessary medical equipment
  • Mental health and wellness losses like counseling expenses and recognition for emotional distress
  • Consequences to your career like reduced hours or a gap in pay from changing to a different position
  • Alternative care like chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and acupuncture

Our Lawyers Work to Make Sense of Your Car Accident Case

You don’t have to come to our Goodyear car accident attorneys with a certainty about what happened. In fact, we encourage you to come to us if you are uncertain, suspicious, or just plain confused about your accident. After all, if you aren’t sure what happened, how can the other party be sure enough to offer you a fair settlement?

We can assist with:

  • Gathering physical evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Discussing the crash with experts
  • Analyzing the information
  • Verifying the chain of events
  • Establishing who was involved
  • Identifying the negligent act
  • Determining your damages

If this sounds like we’re doing a lot of detective work, you’re right! We investigate your crash by testing out theories, following the evidence, and reconstructing what happened.

Through our investigations into clients’ cases, we have encountered several types of car accident scenarios, any of which we can handle for you.

Impaired Driving Cases

The term might make you think of alcohol impairment, but impairment actually comes in many forms:

  • Drunk driving
  • Drugged driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Distracted driving

We can pursue these cases using evidence ranging from blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests to phone records. Even employment information can shed a light on impairment—a truck driver might have violated their hours-of-service regulations and fallen asleep at the wheel, or a rideshare driver might have been preoccupied with the app and caused a crash. We trace the source of the impairment to prove the driver owes you damages.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that speeding can make it harder to stay in control of a vehicle, lessens the effect of protective equipment, and increases the chance of serious injuries in a crash. In other words, exceeding the speed limit is definitely negligent.

We can use traffic camera footage, police reports, and accident reconstruction to demonstrate that a driver was speeding. Even your injuries could point to it; we can consult your doctors to determine if your injuries show you were hit at a high speed.


Drivers who fail to provide enough room in front of them to come to a stop are liable for the damage they cause. We can even consider if a driver failed to account for traffic, weather, or road conditions. What is enough space to stop on a dry, level road is often not enough in rainy conditions with construction.

Turning and Changing Lanes

If someone didn’t signal, yield, or look before turning or coming into your lane, we can hold them liable. Eyewitness testimony, angle of impact, videos and photos, and other evidence can help us build a case.

Other Forms of Negligence

Some auto accidents are due to other factors like:

  • Cargo loading mistakes
  • Defective auto parts
  • Roadway defects
  • Lack of warning of hazards
  • Negligent hiring and training

These could make companies and property owners responsible for your damages, in lieu of or in addition to the driver. For instance, a roadway construction company that doesn’t provide clear signage about a traffic pattern change might have to pay when two cars collide. A trucking company that failed to vet its drivers before hiring could share responsibility when a driver with a record of alcohol abuse causes a crash while drunk.

We can examine these factors and others when looking into your case. This can provide us with multiple liable parties who could provide compensation.

Our Goodyear Car Collision Lawyers Do the Talking

In addition to handling the nuts and bolts of building a case for damages, our team works to reduce the daily pressures you might face in pursuing legal action.

If you’re going through the insurance claims process, we can provide an adjuster with any information they need. You don’t even need to provide a recorded, official statement—insurers make it seem like a requirement, but you only need to report the basic facts. If you’re filing a lawsuit, we can talk to the other side’s representatives, disclose any necessary information, and obtain evidence from them.

Whether it’s a lawsuit or a claim, we can act as your mouthpiece. You won’t need to talk to anyone you don’t want to.

Use Us for Your Car Accident Case Today

We offer a boutique firm’s touch with a big firm’s power. Contact Perez Law Group, PLLC today at (602) 730-7100 or (888) 59-PEREZ. Our car accident lawyers serving Goodyear, AZ can start strategizing right away to make liable parties recognize and repay your losses.